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Payment Processing Optimisation

Our Return-on-Investment speaks for itself. Save time, reduce operating costs, increase revenue and provide your customer with a better checkout experience, online and in-store.
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We streamline and optimise your payment processing by leveraging our payments expertise with powerful data insights, resulting in considerable cost savings and revenue growth. 

What we do:

Analyse Your Data

We securely gather all your payments data on to one dashboard.  We then review and normalise the raw data, both past and current data within minutes.

Expert Advice

Our payments experts have more than 30 years experience in the industry- they engage with you to review your data to  take action and help identify savings opportunities.

Actionable Insights

After identifying opportunities, we serve as your partner in discussions with your payment providers. With valuable insights now at your disposal, we are able to realise and implement considerable cost savings to your business.

Tenner - Payments Intelligence

Turn your data into actionable insights.

Tenner gathers all your data, from all your different data sources and integrates them into one dashboard (or make use of the API).

Tenner is an omni-channel, online and in-store, payments analytics and data management platform. The platform automatically captures your processor, gateway and order management data and delivers it to you in one consolidated and data-rich platform, Tenner.

Easy to get started. No coding required.

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